Dataprius is a cloud system also called cloud Computing.


One of the most important characteristics of cloud systems is scalability. This Is the ability of a system to adapt to the needs of the moment. A system is scalable if it’s able to increase or reduce its capacities.

Dataprius allows you to scale the number of users or storage capacity depending on the needs of your customers. Once the service is contracted customers can increase or decrease the characteristics of their account.

Dataprius is a Cloud system and therefore, unlike traditional servers, does not diminish its performance as the amount of stored data increases. One account with hundreds of files works just like another with hundreds of thousands of files.

File transfer techniques are also used to ensure that the quality and speed of the service are not degraded.

In general the service is supervised 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Any incidents are detected in minutes by the technical service