Recycle bin

As in any Windows system Dataprius has a Recycle Bin.

Only the Administrator account or Dataprius Virtual Server can permanently delete the Recycle bin. The rest of the users can restore the Recycle bin at any time.

Clicking on a file or folder in the Recycle bin we can restore it.

We can also select multiple items holding down the Ctrl key or the up arrow and clicking with the mouse, then we make a selection as in Windows. When you have selected multiple items just click the right mouse button.

Considerations of restoring files

Restoring files or folders never overwrites existing elements. If there is a folder or file with the same name, the system restores the file or folder giving it a name that can identify it.

It can be restored with ease without  fear of conflict or loss of files.

[Sending emails and sent emails]

[Sending emails and sent emails]