Display by users

The system allows you to view the folders and files associated with users. We call this Display by users. To open the window just click on the “Users Folders” button.

Access to users folders

In the window we can see the folders that each user has permissions. We see the allowable working space of each user if we have permissions on those folders. Of Course the Administrator can see everything


On the folders and files we can perform common operations such as upload, download, copy and cut. As always, clicking on the elements and with the right mouse button to activate the option menus.


We can also see the folders and files based on the “Web Users“. This is very handy to see at a glance what we are sharing with them. We can add files to their folders or perform common operations.

Suggestions for use

There are many companies that maintain a file repository for clients. Through this window we can quickly see which are the folders that the client has access to and add contents. The client will later access and have a folder structure that will display as their own.


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